DC1.AMSTERDAM stands for reliable colocation and connectivity through a single point of contact. We offer rack space in modern data centers, and the rack is always in focus here.

DC1.AMSTERDAM: one partner, one solution for Colocation, Data Center Advice, Cloud Connect and Business Internet.

Achieve IT and business goals at the best possible financial and technical conditions

DC1.AMSTERDAM is a provider of colocation services and business network connections, with reliability and continuity as the core values. From our cooperative approach and a pooled expertise, we provide the colocation and connectivity services our customers demand. Together with our solid partners, we work on our colocation services in a committed manner, financially attractive and without unnecessarily frills. Want to rent rack space and also take care of a public cloud connection and business internet? A server room in a professional data center with a pleasant working atmosphere and good facilities? We are happy to have the answer to that, including for your company.

How it started…

The creation of DC1.AMSTERDAM began, as with many new ideas and companies, by accident. The founders of DC1.AMSTERDAM got together because they were all looking to replace their colocation. First, to avoid the downsizing of colocation services at existing (older) data centers. And second, to get ahead of a forced move due to unilateral termination of colocation services from the consolidating data center market.

Since one of the parties already had a private suite in the new data center of Digital Realty Science Park, the conversation to join together came naturally. So there was a need and there was space. And, importantly, there was also the mutual intention to take this up together.

Colocation: easier and more affordable for every customer
After the first 20 colocation racks were discussed, the question soon arose: “How many other associates and customers will want to get out of these existing (older) data centers as well?” and “Can we provide this colocation service for them as well?”. The short answer was a resounding: “Yes!”. By acting as a single party toward the major data center providers and the market, it is easier and more affordable for individual customers, and fully in line with the services of the founding parties.

The founding cooperative members are:

  • DOCKTERA (2017) is a spin-off of Info.nl Hosting Facilities (1994) and New Design Systems (1993). DOCKTERA provides hybrid IT infrastructures and unified cloud services using traditional IT, private cloud and public cloud for digital business applications.
  • A2B Internet (2010) provides business class internet connections. A2B Internet does this both in data centers and in offices / to business premises.
  • High5! (1999) provides hosting, managed hosting and shared colocation services. High5! is also known for OpenBSD Amsterdam.


Dick de Waal


He made his business debut in 1993 at (NDS) hardware and corporate networking. Internet hosting and management – and many other initiatives – soon followed. Innovating, daily if possible, to turn knowledge into results as quickly as possible? That’s what Dick has been doing all his life. As a hobby slash work. He tends to be driven by technology that is not yet mainstream. Guess there’s no other choice but to learn about it yourself!

Starting with Linux Slackware, XS4ALL SLIP/PPP connections and 19-inch racks in Rotterdam, Dick grew further by partnering with Info Nederland (INFO.nl). This subsequently led to the development of DOCKTERA. Good for a wide range of data center, hosting and management services, with a clear mission. Namely, to help customers keep their digital applications online and secure 24/7.

Energy and resources are scarce. Besides, Dick has always felt like doing far more than he has time for. Add to that his natural keen interest in engineering. The tendency toward automating repetitive actions. Plus the drive to not only recognize new opportunities, but to actually develop them. Preferably together with partners, each with their own pieces of the puzzle. And you get a clear explanation for his involvement in multiple projects and ventures.

For example, Dick is co-founder of DRAWTEQ (hardware broker), Scoreganic (online productions) and investor in Convesio USA (high availability WordPress) for its launch in Europe.

Moreover, as is most relevant here: he is co-founder and director of the DC1.AMSTERDAM cooperative.

Erik Bais

In Memoriam

Erik was always up for a good discussion on new IT technologies, RIPE policies and data privacy. And willing to discuss interesting networking and security challenges. Asked Erik and he was happy to share his vision; mostly focused on creating the most valuable, practical Let’s do-IT solutions.

Since the 1990s, Erik focused on setting up and managing international corporate networks. In the IT crisis year of 2010, he followed this up by founding A2B Internet. He did this out of his strong belief in independent networking advice for commercial internet. Fueled by his own experiences and needs as a project manager, network consultant and CTO.

Through the 100% owned internet network, A2B customers are not dependent on any one provider. They choose their own connectivity, connections and IP addresses, supported by additional specialties such as RIPE policies, tailored to their location.

Erik was also interim president of industry association Dutch Cloud Community. As well as co-founder and managing director of the only Dutch IPv4 trading house: Prefix Broker. As a RIPE specialist, he was the point of contact there for a wide variety of companies: resulting in a daily attractive dynamic.

Because of his familiarity with ISP networks, he easily bridged the gap between customer demand and societal opportunities. As an extension of this, Erik – who passed away completely unexpectedly and much too early on May 28, 2024 at the age of 51 – was actively involved in digital privacy organizations, European Data Retention Legislation and the debate surrounding the interception law. Furthermore, he was co-chair in the Address Policy Working group in the RIPE community.

Erik – loved for his person, passion, initiatives, social involvement and great helpfulness – knew, in short, all sides of the IT arena: a strong basis for co-founding the DC1.AMSTERDAM cooperative.

Mischa Peters

Engineering Leader

Mischa has been a technical IT professional for nearly three decades. Dedicated, an effective communicator and professionally shaped by countless IT working hours across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and beyond. The kickstart to his internet career? That was in 1995, at XS4ALL. There he was jointly responsible for rolling out the POPs and active in the HIP97 organization.

Several years and positions after that, including through various US-based companies, his career led him to found his company High5! As such, Mischa offers networking, (managed) hosting and consulting services. As well as colocation services – making for a logical link with DC1.AMSTERDAM. In 2018, he also started a community project. OpenBSD Amsterdam; hosting OpenBSD virtual machines on OpenBSD.

In the open source world, Postfix Admin is probably his most notable achievement, in the morass of web-based apps. This interface for configuring and managing a Postfix-based email server is appreciated by hundreds if not thousands of companies around the world. Just as Mischa’s colleagues and former colleagues can also surely appreciate his personal, professional contributions and good understanding of IT markets and products.

Is it about networking, cloud and security? Then Mischa has a lot of technical expertise. Problem-solving ability. Leadership qualities in his beloved technical role. A great work ethic. As well as outside-the-box thinking and adaptability. They see him as a cheerful motivator, team builder, operating efficiently and calmly – even under sometimes hectic circumstances. In addition, he is customer oriented. And: always up for another challenge. Like here at DC1.AMSTERDAM.

John Dissen

Operations Manager

Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes to the best of your ability. Wanting to go to extremes every day for him or her. And continuing to develop yourself all the while. At DC1.AMSTERDAM, John is in the right place. Always eager to provide solutions. But also to develop himself, as a professional on the job. It remains, he realizes, fascinating to expand your understanding. Even outside the workplace. In others and yourself.

Does anything need to be arranged within the organization? Colleagues gladly fall back on him, as he has experienced to his satisfaction many times. As in his long previous working life at XS4ALL. John was employed there since 2004, including from 2009 to 2022 as a data center coordinator.

Thinking in terms of quality, standards and values: John naturally carries that conviction with him at DC1.AMSTERDAM as well. Now fully dedicated to the challenging core business called colocation.

Going that extra mile that the customer doesn’t really expect. For him, it is one of the most enjoyable parts of his job. As well as, together with his colleagues, getting a job done quickly and flawlessly: either internally or as a valuable service to third parties.

It gives him great satisfaction. A motivator by nature and with a love of engineering, he enjoys contributing to others’ appreciation of DC1.AMSTERDAM. After all, John knows that the right environment allows everyone to thrive. The customer, the company and himself: they reap the benefits together.

Jeroen Lauwers

Network Engineer

It is not the easiest subject matter out there. So if you have it under control every time, everything remains fault-free AND you also know exactly why that is? Then that’s extra fun, Jeroen knows better than anyone. Complex technical challenges are a puzzle you want to solve. Of course, we are also proactive as much as possible. How can we make the network even more stable? How to automate even further? And eliminate all potential errors?

He once started at the helpdesk of XS4ALL, where he quickly advanced to the sought-after position of data center engineer. At XS4ALL he was able to gain a good foundation in terms of knowledge and experience in the area of network and data centers. And since 2021, as a network engineer at A2B Internet and DC1.AMSTERDAM, he has been responsible for technology – network and systems. Configuration, optimization and monitoring. Jeroen enjoys it. From the world of BGP, OSPF, Python, Junos, RIPE. He could and would want to fill three more lifetimes to get to the bottom of everything in detail…

Going even deeper into the subject matter is almost a hobby for him. Thus, he regularly has another new certification to his name. Not as an end in itself, but as a framework, for an inquisitive career. In the process, Jeroen also feels a strong sense of responsibility to the customer. And that is especially fun, he knows. Because customers even become almost friends. And are struggling with something? Or if you can simply help take their business another step forward? Gladly. Because work? You do that with each other, but also certainly for each other.



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– Wij zoeken vrijwilligers!

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