Colocation: how can this data center service mean the maximum?


With our expertise, we are happy to give you all the information you need about colocation. And about the significance of the services of DC1.AMSTERDAM in this beautiful, technical field.

Table of contents

  1. What is colocation?
  2. Colocation of DC1.AMSTERDAM
  3. What are the benefits of DC1.AMSTERDAM colocation?
  4. The solution to your colocation challenge
  5. Colocation prices
  6. Characteristics of our colocation data centers
  7. Suitable colocation for future scale-up of rack space
  8. More about DC1.AMSTERDAM colocation
  9. To contact us

What is colocation?

Colocation is a broad term. Indeed, literally it means shared location. However, those who work with hardware, including servers, know that the term is most common in the context of IT. This one word, or Colo for short, is often immediately associated with a professional server room in a data center. Such a data center offers racks and shared racks that house your server(s) and other IT infrastructure. This rack space does not stand alone, of course. Colocation comes with necessary services surrounding things like safety and reliability. Other services are also closely related to colocation. Think of power, cooling, fire safety, security, certification and remote hands. Providing connectivity, such as fiber optic connections and a redundant network, is also closely associated with colocation.

Exactly how far the quality, facilities and services go depends on the colocation provider. Either way, colocation offers several advantages. Customers get a professional, well-monitored rack or Rack Unit (RU or U) to place their own hardware. At shared and thus lower costs. The server and other hardware is and remains the customer’s property. And their own responsibility. But the service provider takes the data center management out of your hands and optimizes all services, for the best server performance.


  • Provides rack space (full or shared) for servers and other IT infrastructure
  • In a data center that is well equipped for that purpose
  • With associated colocation services (such as power, cooling and monitoring)
  • You are and always will be responsible for your own server
  • Fixed, shared cost for your spot in a professional data center

Colocation of DC1.AMSTERDAM

DC1.AMSTERDAM provides high-quality colocation services. Through a single point of contact, you have access to a modern, secure and energy-efficient data center of your choice and – with us – also to all associated facilities around business internet and hybrid connectivity (1 or 10Gbps).

With our cooperative business class colocation, the rack – or rack unit – is always the focus.

Colocation provides rack space to house one or more server(s) and other hardware in a professional data center. In addition to the rack or a shared rack, colocation includes services around power supply, climate control, fire safety, security, certification and remote hands.

What are the benefits of DC1.AMSTERDAM colocation?

Which colocation should you choose? And which data center? Looking for a suitable solution that suits your person, your company, the hardware and your needs, you come across several providers. On this page, we already answered the question: “What is colocation?”. Now we also tell you about the features and benefits of DC1.AMSTERDAM.

DC1.AMSTERDAM provides business class colocation. Quality colocation services. If you rent rack space through us – a full rack, half a rack or smaller – you’ll retain full oversight of data center services. From rack setup to ongoing optimal performance and quality, we offer the full range of colocation services. And the rack is always the focus, from start to finish.

We offer colocation and connectivity in one. Think of 1) our integrated solution for the most suitable DSL or fiber optic internet connection. And 2) hybrid IT with flexible access to the public cloud, possible from all our data center locations. In other words, DC1.AMSTERDAM takes not only professional colocation services, but also business (internet) connectivity off your hands. We guarantee continuity, using our partners’ most professional data centers. Every data center we work with is modern and energy efficient. Which data center should you choose? We are happy to help with that, e.g. by taking a look behind the scenes together without obligation.

Pleasant workspaces, meeting rooms and pantries: a pleasant working environment is a must. That’s certainly not an issue at our data centers. Of course, the same applies to the essential other component of our services and data centers: digital technology. Moreover, with cloud connect, hybrid IT and business internet, we ensure the highest speeds and performance. In addition to the presence of 24/7 security, 24/7 on-site engineers and, of course, redundant and backup power. But we also offer a clear dashboard, plenty of expertise thanks to our authentic interest in technology, and a cooperative approach. This is part of the standard package of DC1.AMSTERDAM. Without being expensive. But certainly also without skimping on assurance and quality.

In short, these are the benefits of business class colocation of DC1.AMSTERDAM:

  1. Business class colocation at the highest professional level
  2. One partner, one solution, one point of contact for colocation and connectivity
  3. We take care of everything surrounding the rack, fully in-house
  4. Modern, secure and energy-efficient data centers
  5. Colocation, Data Center Advice, Cloud Connect and Business Internet
  6. Driven and shaped by a passion for the technology
  7. Low-threshold, cooperative company without frills
  8. Favorable prices without sacrificing assurance and quality
  9. Optimized dashboard: the DC1.AMSTERDAM Partner Portal
  10. Colocation starting from a single rack unit; with us, the rack is always in focus


Multiple racks. A full rack. Or a shared rack? With us, the rack is always in focus.

We can help you with as little as one single unit. Whatever you need, we take care of everything surrounding the rack. A complete colocation service. A suitable data center. Cloud connect. And business internet.


DC1.AMSTERDAM is colocation and connectivity in one. We manage all services.

A powerful colocation package. Includes all associated services. From rack (/unit) and data center selection assistance to internet connectivity (1Gbps or 10Gbps). Choose DC1.AMSTERDAM and… take care of everything in one go.


Our colocation and associated services revolve around technology. And the love of it.

That makes us a tech company, pure and simple. With employees who do their work happily and with a no-nonsense attitude. Straight from the heart. With great knowledge, experience and skill.

& PRICE (2)

Reliability over budget: we choose quality. But in a price-conscious manner.

We are not expensive. Although we certainly don’t aim for ‘cheap’ either. Our data centers and colocation facilities are of the highest quality. As a solid foundation for a long-term financially attractive choice.


Our cooperative business is low threshold. Directly accessible. And solution oriented.

Serious questions deserve serious answers. It is our natural inclination to offer you powerful advice and beautiful solutions. Fast, adequate, personal and customized. That is what characterizes our identity.

The solution to your colocation challenge

Small or large. Colocation comes in many forms. For full racks, but certainly also in the shared rack variety. At DC1.AMSTERDAM, we warmly welcome any customer who wants to give their server a reliable place, and benefits from a ‘One Stop Shop’ colocation solution.

Are you considering relocating your equipment? Tired of the hassle of maintaining your server(s) in your own office? Or do you have a strong preference for running IT in-house? Does the organization perhaps have some of its own hardware that, for compliance purposes, should be located in a professional data center in the Netherlands? Or is your company considering data center consolidation?

Sound familiar?
Do you recognize one or more of the desires and situations described above? Then that’s the perfect time to get in touch with DC1.AMSTERDAM.

Focus on personal approach, price and quality
Are you not just looking for colocation, but also for continuity? And can you appreciate a personal approach, with a full and enthusiastic focus on technology and quality? We offer the complete package, including connectivity. Through one point of contact. We provide overview, peace of mind and security, for the long term.

Colocation prices

See the price overview of the colocation solutions of DC1.AMSTERDAM here. As you can see, redundant power (A + B feed) is of course included in each package. The 19″ colocation racks have a depth of 1.20 meters. Power costs are based on consumption, except for the shared rack package. We offer a redundant internet uplink (1Gbps or 10Gbps) with full racks. Internet data traffic and bandwidth are always included (flat fee). Also included are IPv4 (8x) and IPv6 addresses. The same goes for the best security and surveillance, and there is 24/7 access to the rack.


€ 100,45 PER MONTH

19″ colocation rack unit
(1U x 60cm x 120cm)

Redundant power (A + B feed)

0,5A power consumption included

Single UTP uplink (1Gbps)

1Gbps internet data traffic / bandwidth included

IPv4 (8x) and IPv6 addresses

Pantry (coffee and tea)


per Rack – 1Gbps

€ 900,90 PER MONTH

19″ colocation rack
(46/47U x 60cm x 120cm)

Redundant power (A + B feed)

Power costs based on actual consumption

Redundant fiber optic uplink (1Gbps)

1Gbps internet data traffic / bandwidth included

IPv4 (8x) and IPv6 addresses

24/7 access to the rack

Pantry (coffee and tea)

per rack – 10Gbps

€ 1032,15 PER MONTH

19″ colocation rack
(46/47U x 60cm x 120cm)

Redundant power (A + B feed)

Power costs based on actual consumption

Redundant fiber optic uplink (10Gbps)

10Gbps internet data traffic / bandwidth included

IPv4 (8x) and IPv6 addresses

24/7 access to the rack

Pantry (coffee and tea)

Listed rates are exclusive of VAT.

The electricity rate (per kWh) is the current assigned value in our offer.
Since the electricity rate is subject to market conditions,
this may dictate a price change in the electricity rate in the future.

“We look back on the move of our servers to a new data center with complete satisfaction. Through our partner DC1.AMSTERDAM, we get access to the best networks and routes. For example, our new network cabinet in the DC is equipped with the fastest and latest version of Core Routers, connected in redundant mode (VRRP).”

Characteristics of our colocation data centers

The colocation services of DC1.AMSTERDAM and associated racks and rack units are available in multiple data centers. These are in the Amsterdam region; our first locations leading up to national coverage. The current data center colocations belong to Digital Realty (Business Park & Science Park, both in Amsterdam) and NorthC (Fokker Logistics Park in Oude Meer).

Each data center offers the best security and technology. Furthermore, the choice of data center is a personal one. Distance and accessibility, and even a gut feeling can be the deciding factor. We are happy to schedule a visit together to one of the locations so that you can choose the right colocation. For sound and neutral advice.

Full rack or shared rack
Whatever colocation you choose, DC1.AMSTERDAM can always get you a full rack there, but certainly also a shared rack. We’ve mentioned it before on this page: the rack is our focus.

Each of the colocation data centers offers redundant internet connectivity based on 1Gbps or 10Gbps, at one fixed price with a full rack. And variable power costs when you purchase a full rack; that way you only pay for what you actually consume. With shared colocation, we also keep power costs as low as possible. In fact, in addition to the number of rack units per device, we also tune the power consumption as efficiently as possible for each device; with a power package choice of 0.5A (115W), 1.0A (230W) or 2.0A (460W). Each colocation also offers high availability and high reliability, adequate and personalized support, simplicity and overview, and excellent secondary facilities.

Colocation with flexible Cloud Connect from DC1.AMSTERDAM

Hybrid IT is available in all of our data center locations: cloud connect. For maximum flexibility and performance. This is easily configurable, directly through us, without third-party intervention.

Direct cloud connections
Direct cloud connections are possible to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Salesforce Cloud, SAP Cloud Platform and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

Link your IT infrastructure with a low latency connection directly to your own public cloud environment. This allows you to choose which infrastructure to offer each service from.

Business Internet

Professional colocation services at DC1.AMSTERDAM never stand alone. The combination with connectivity is guaranteed in one fell swoop, with one point of contact, through our Business Internet. This is a clear added value to your own IT environment. As our customer, you can move all your DSL and FTTH (fiber) connections with you. All our connections are IPv4 and IPv6 capable. Our additional and independent Business Internet connectivity service offers low latency, stable connection and clear insight into the (high) speeds.

Suitable colocation for future scale-up of rack space

Because we offer our colocation solutions in the highest quality data centers – those of Digital Realty and NorthC – you can get by just fine in the long term. Are you coming in with multiple server cabinets? Will you start and stick with a single rack unit? Or perhaps you are growing and scaling up to more rack space…

All conditions present
In all cases, you are in the right place for colocation in our data centers for a long time. All conditions are in place for achieving optimal uptime of your servers. Needless to say, security, emergency power, advanced cooling techniques, backup facilities and temperature monitoring are fully in place. Independently rated with the highest safety ratings (ISO, NEN, SOC). Moreover, the data center for stable colocation at DC1.AMSTERDAM – the one of your choice – is centrally and conveniently located for you, your colleagues and/or your customers.

More about DC1.AMSTERDAM colocation

Looking for quality colocation, but without frills, at a fair price? A reassuring place for your rack, racks or rack unit? With all the associated colocation and connectivity services under one roof? If so, we would love to meet you.

DC1.AMSTERDAM supports you with business class colocation in professional, state-of-the-art data centers. From a cooperative approach and pooled expertise. With us, as mentioned, you will find colocation and connectivity in one, including cloud connect and business internet.

Colocation: better, easier and more affordable
The cooperative company DC1.AMSTERDAM Colocation was born from a strong desire. The desire to do something about the reduction of colocation services at less modern data centers. And around 2020, the founders had another personal motivation. Namely, to get ahead of a forced move, following a unilateral termination from said data centers. Moreover, they felt colocation could be easier and more affordable for each customer. Today, DC1.AMSTERDAM offers both better quality and favorable prices by joining forces as one party.

To contact us

Colocation and connectivity in one. Contact us without obligation.

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