Colocation Services of DC1.AMSTERDAM

One address: we help you with both colocation and network connections

At DC1.AMSTERDAM, the rack is in focus. We offer colocation per rack or colocation per rack unit and a choice of 1Gbps or 10Gbps (internet) connectivity.

Are you considering relocating your equipment? Want to get rid of an office server room or is your organization consolidating data center usage?

DC1.AMSTERDAM Colocation Services

Our colocation services offer many advantages to parties looking for a single solution for professional colocation, connectivity and continuity for an extended period of time. Organizations with (partly) proprietary hardware operating on Dutch soil for compliance reasons, or who have a strong preference for running IT in-house, are also in the right place with DC1.AMSTERDAM.

image/svg+xml Colocation

The colocation services of DC1.AMSTERDAM are available in modern and energy-efficient data center locations in the Amsterdam region.

We make colocation as easy and efficient as possible for you. First, by fully outfitting the rented rack space per rack or rack unit: including redundant PDUs. That way, when your rack space is delivered, the equipment can go in without further waiting time. Second, from our professional data center locations, we offer internet connectivity for a fixed monthly price – based on 1Gbps or 10Gbps.

These predictable rates contribute to the continuity of your business operations. In addition, if you opt for a full rack, we deliberately do apply variable electricity costs. This is advantageous for you since it means you only pay for what you actually consume.

With shared colocation, we also keep power costs as low as possible. In fact, in addition to the number of rack units per device, we also tune the power consumption as efficiently as possible for each device; with a power choice of 0.5A (115W), 1.0A (230W) or 2.0A (460W).

Colocation data center services at DC1.AMSTERDAM:

Rack space

Redundant power

Redundant cooling

Fire safety



Remote Hands

See the current list of our data center locations to find suitable rack space.

image/svg+xml Data Center Advice

Not so familiar with the differences between the various professional data center providers? DC1.AMSTERDAM is happy to offer clarity about this.

In addition to topics such as security and technology, the choice of a data center is primarily a personal one.

Think of things like accessibility and whether the rack space service provider fits your own business operations.

Prior to choosing a data center to rent rack space in, you may want to visit it. We will gladly make this possible. If desired, we will schedule a visit with you to a data center of your choice.

To eventually achieve national coverage, there are plans to expand to data centers in other regions. Our colocation and connectivity services are currently available from these data center locations:

Digital Realty – Business Park – Amsterdam

Digital Realty – Science Park – Amsterdam

NorthC – Fokker Logistics Park – Oude Meer

DC1.AMSTERDAM has strategically partnered with Digital Realty and NorthC Datacenters. Within these partnerships, as a full colocation service provider, we focus on the rack, SMEs and parties requiring customization when it comes to server rooms and network connections.

Furthermore, as a single point of contact, we also offer connectivity (see elsewhere on this page); customized and favorably priced. That way, through DC1.AMSTERDAM, our partner data centers can integrally serve more customers.

Want to know more? Ask us for (co)location advice without obligation.

image/svg+xml Cloud Connect

Hybrid IT: flexibility and performance with Cloud Connect from DC1.AMSTERDAM. We offer direct cloud connections from all of our data center locations.

This is possible to all well-known public cloud providers including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Through our Cloud Connect service, you can link your IT infrastructure directly to your public cloud environment via a low latency connection.

This allows you to offer certain services from the public cloud while offering other services from your own IT infrastructure.

Why Cloud Connect from DC1.AMSTERDAM? Our Cloud Connect service can easily be set up to complement your colocation. With no third-party involvement, everything taken care of through one partner, one point of contact.

You can turn to us for direct cloud connections to, among others:

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform

IBM Cloud

Oracle Cloud

Salesforce Cloud

SAP Cloud Platform

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud

image/svg+xml Business Internet

Prefer a single solution for colocation and DSL or fiber optic internet connection? DC1.AMSTERDAM provides professional colocation services and business internet.

Experience the convenience of one partner, one point of contact with our connectivity service to complement your colocation needs. As a business internet provider, we provide fast and stable internet connections with adequate support. Favorable for any IT environment.

And if you use the colocation services of DC1.AMSTERDAM, you have the option of moving all your DSL and fiber optic (FTTH) connections with you.

For our Business Internet, we are not tied to one party: we work with all Dutch internet providers and TIER-1 carriers. This unique independence allows us to offer the best, most value-for-money business internet per location.

All our internet connections are IPv4 and IPv6 capable by default. You can also request multiple IPv4 addresses through us.

Benefits of Business Internet of DC1.AMSTERDAM:

High speed

Low latency

Independent offer

Stable connection

Insight into performance through our Partner Portal

One provider for business internet and colocation



€ 100,45 PER MONTH

19″ colocation rack unit
(1U x 60cm x 120cm)

Redundant power (A + B feed)

0,5A power consumption included

Single UTP uplink (1Gbps)

1Gbps internet data traffic / bandwidth included

IPv4 (8x) and IPv6 addresses

Pantry (coffee and tea)


per Rack – 1Gbps

€ 900,90 PER MONTH

19″ colocation rack
(46/47U x 60cm x 120cm)

Redundant power (A + B feed)

Power costs based on actual consumption

Redundant fiber optic uplink (1Gbps)

1Gbps internet data traffic / bandwidth included

IPv4 (8x) and IPv6 addresses

24/7 access to the rack

Pantry (coffee and tea)

per rack – 10Gbps

€ 1032,15 PER MONTH

19″ colocation rack
(46/47U x 60cm x 120cm)

Redundant power (A + B feed)

Power costs based on actual consumption

Redundant fiber optic uplink (10Gbps)

10Gbps internet data traffic / bandwidth included

IPv4 (8x) and IPv6 addresses

24/7 access to the rack

Pantry (coffee and tea)

Listed rates are exclusive of VAT.

The electricity rate (per kWh) is the current assigned value in our offer.
Since the electricity rate is subject to market conditions,
this may dictate a price change in the electricity rate in the future.


Do you need advice or want to know more about colocation services of DC1.AMSTERDAM? Contact us without obligation today and let us know how we can help you.

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