Data Centers at DC1.AMSTERDAM

Colocation should take place in modern, professional, secure, well-equipped and conveniently accessible data centers. That’s what DC1.AMSTERDAM takes care of. Find the list of our locations for colocation in the Amsterdam area here. Belonging to the international network of our data center partners Digital Realty and NorthC.

DC1.AMSTERDAM has strategically partnered with Digital Realty and NorthC Datacenters. Within these partnerships, as a full colocation service provider, we focus on the rack, SMEs and parties requiring customization when it comes to server rooms and network connections. In addition to professional colocation, we also offer connectivity tailored to the specific needs of the customer. So if you rent a rack (unit) with us, you thus have multiple assurances through a single, affordable deal. After all, you combine an excellent spot in a great data center with a turnkey solution to the network problem.

So you don’t have to look for an external partner for business internet! Moreover, we offer this customized and also more affordably. Great for our partner data centers; through DC1.AMSTERDAM they can serve multiple customers with specific requirements in an integrated way. Great for the customer, who can purchase both colocation and connectivity at one address, at a lower cost. And great for us, as an involved and service-oriented party. Discover the data center locations where you can take advantage of this convenient, rack-centric colocation solution here.

Digital Realty – Business Park – Amsterdam

Data center Business Park (AMS18) in Amsterdam belongs to Digital Realty’s global network. It has a floor area of 4000m², is designed for high-density equipment, and is fully built according to Tier 3 standards. This data center is located not far from Schiphol Airport and is easily accessible by car, train and metro.

Read more about this data center.


Digital Realty – Business Park
H.J.E. Wenckebachweg 127
1096 AM – Amsterdam

Digital Realty – Science Park – Amsterdam

Data center Science Park (AMS17, Data Tower) in Amsterdam belongs to Digital Realty’s network. More than 120 companies are present in this large colocation hub. The data center has 5000m² of customer space, 11 floors and excellent accessibility. By car and train. Such as from Amsterdam CS; with the final stop being Amsterdam Science Park Station.

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Digital Realty – Science Park
Science Park 120
1098 XG – Amsterdam

NorthC – Fokker Logistics Park – Oude Meer

Data center Fokker Logistics Park (OUM01) in Oude Meer is one of four NorthC data centers, centrally located in Metropolitan Amsterdam. Data floor area: 6200m². With 100% green power and built according to Tier 3. This Fokker Logistics Park is one of Europe’s largest digital hubs, easily accessible, near Schiphol Airport.

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NorthC – Fokker Logistics Park
Fokkerweg 300
1438 AN – Oude Meer

More about our data center locations and colocation services

DC1.AMSTERDAM’s colocation services and associated racks and rack units are available in multiple professional data centers. See the current overview on this page. Whichever data center you ultimately prefer: you are in the right place. Commercial, practically and personally. Also for scaling up and the long term. Our data center locations at Digital Realty and NorthC provide all the conditions for achieving 100% uptime of your servers and smoothly operating other hardware. Security, emergency power, cooling techniques, backup facilities and temperature monitoring are guaranteed at each colocation in accordance with the highest security classes (ISO, NEN, SOC).

Hybrid cloud connections
Hybrid IT is the standard. We offer cloud connect for maximum flexibility and performance. Through us, direct, low latency cloud connections can be configured between your IT infrastructure and Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, Salesforce Cloud, SAP Cloud Platform and Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

Business internet
As a DC1.AMSTERDAM customer, move all your DSL and fiber optic connections with you. Both IPv4 and IPv6 connections are available. Our independent Business Internet connectivity service offers low latency, stable connection and clear insight into the (high) speeds.

Are you getting a data center colocation service from us? Then you get redundant internet connectivity based on 1Gbps or 10Gbps, at one fixed price with a full rack. The power costs are variable here, so you only pay for what you actually consume.

More data center advantages at DC1.AMSTERDAM
If you opt for colocation at a data center through DC1.AMSTERDAM, you can count on all of the above, including high availability, genuine personal support, simplicity and overview, and excellent secondary facilities. For the latter, think of fully equipped office, meeting and reception areas, the availability of coffee and snacks, and a pleasant (work) environment. Furthermore, our data centers are easily accessible and offer good parking.

Starting point: the rack
Whatever colocation data center you choose, DC1.AMSTERDAM can get you a full rack there, but certainly also a shared rack. After all, our starting point is always: the rack.

Want to take a look behind the scenes?

The choice for a colocation data center is an important one. You don’t make it lightly. That is why we give you the opportunity to take a look around without any obligation. We can schedule an appointment for personal advice and explanation, on-site at one of the locations. Prefer an explanation by phone? That, of course, is also possible. This way, you choose the data center that best suits your business, personal and practical goals, situation and preferences.

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