Pre-registration successful – Preparation of 2nd batch of colocation racks begins

A little over a month ago, we announced the opening of our pre-registration here. A successful opening, as it turns out, despite being in the middle of the summer vacation period. The number of applications from interested parties is now so large, far exceeding our 2nd batch of 20 colocation racks, that we have started preparing this 2nd batch.

Getting colocation racks ready means we convert registrations into colocation agreements, place racks and bring redundant connectivity up to the rack.

Because many registrations preferred our location at the Amstel Business Park, we will be installing our 2nd batch of colocation racks at this location.

Parties considering relocation of their equipment can, of course, still contact us to indicate which DC1.AMSTERDAM location they prefer. The 3rd batch of colocation racks is already being planned. Of course, scheduling a visit to a data center in advance is still an option as well. Use our online registration form to sign up without any obligation.

Prefer not to register yet but want to stay informed about all our plans and developments? Even then, we would like to hear from you. We approach everyone personally so that we can go over all wishes.

Register now with no obligation!


DC1.AMSTERDAM stands for reliable colocation and connectivity via a single point of contact. We offer rack space in modern data centers, and the rack is always in focus here.

We are a powerful, cooperative company with pooled expertise. Together with solid partners, such as our professional data centers, we strive for the highest level of reliability and continuity in our colocation services. And for the best possible financial and technical conditions for this.

DC1.AMSTERDAM: one partner, one solution for Colocation, Data Center Advice, Cloud Connect and Business Internet.

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