In Dutch and in English: our upgraded website

‘Business Class Colocation in the Amsterdam region.’ So begins the new English-language version of the website of DC1.AMSTERDAM. Another professional chapter in what we stand for in our IT business. DC1.AMSTERDAM operates internationally, so that of course requires full-fledged international communication. Therefore, as of December 2023, our entire … read more.

Connectivity: what does this mean (at DC1.AMSTERDAM)?

As an autonomous connectivity provider, DC1.AMSTERDAM provides internet and network connections in and to the data center, to the office and the cloud. For any connectivity issue, we offer a flexible, customized solution. Connectivity is inseparable from colocation. It establishes high-quality connections of servers and computers to the … read more.

DC1.AMSTERDAM expands rack space in data centers

We’re at it again: a new expansion of the number of racks in the data centers we partner with. This extra capacity is the result of expeditious growth, as we unburden our customers with colocation and connectivity, fully tailored to their needs. The rack space we have available … read more.

Update on our recent networking activities

DC1.AMSTERDAM is colocation, but also connectivity. We therefore conduct regular and proactive networking activities. This is manifested in 1) capacity expansion, 2) preventive maintenance including replacements and 3) new and additional tooling for network and configuration management. See an update here. Capacity expansion (Internet) connectivity from 10 to … read more.

A look at our latest information pages

With a colocation company in steady growth comes a website with more and more content. DC1.AMSTERDAM explains what it does, what it has and what it offers and controls, as a specialist in colocation and connectivity. For example, read our latest info pages; focused on colocation, rack space, … read more.

These are the data centers for colocation at DC1.AMSTERDAM

In which data centers can you, at DC1.AMSTERDAM, rent colocation (and also directly through us: connectivity)? And what are the characteristics of these DCs? Check out our overview page Data Centers at DC1.AMSTERDAM for that. The rack space that forms the basis of our business colocation and (internet) … read more.

“What are we talking about?”

Knowing what (exactly) it’s about. In the world of colocation, connectivity, rack space and server room, that is certainly a good starting point. Therefore, DC1.AMSTERDAM has created a fixed area for the most important concepts and terminology within the IT world. Those in the know are well aware … read more.

The foundation of colocation: rack space

DC1.AMSTERDAM rents out rack space. It is the foundation of our data center and colocation services. We tell companies looking for a professional server room what rack space means, how that works with us specifically and what else you need to know about it. We have written a … read more.

DC1.AMSTERDAM now also works with UBL invoices

Customers of DC1.AMSTERDAM have been receiving their invoices in UBL format since 1 July 2023. In addition to the familiar PDF variant, we also include the UBL variant in XML with our email invoicing. This provides accounting convenience and other benefits to the recipient. UBL invoices are easier … read more.

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