Update on our recent networking activities

DC1.AMSTERDAM is colocation, but also connectivity. We therefore conduct regular and proactive networking activities. This is manifested in 1) capacity expansion, 2) preventive maintenance including replacements and 3) new and additional tooling for network and configuration management. See an update here.

Capacity expansion

(Internet) connectivity from 10 to 100Gbps
The number of customers we provide with colocation and connectivity is growing. To proactively keep our stable core network connections at the same level, we have increased their capacity in recent months: from 10Gbps to 100Gbps standard. This applies to all fiber-optic rings to our colocation data center locations: Digital Realty AMS17 / AMS18 and NorthC OUM01. In addition, at our core network data center locations Nikhef and Equinix AM7, we now have 200Gbps of network capacity per location.

With the upgrade to 100 gigabit per second as standard, and with a port speed of 1Gbps or 10Gbps per colocation rack, we have our network continuity in place for further growth as well. This capacity expansion provides ample leeway in the event of overbooking, and a drastic reduction in associated risks.

New network ring at AMS18
At data center location AMS18, we invested in a new, separate network circuit as an additional risk diversification on top of the N+1 setup. This quality update in the form of additional network separation provides increased stability of network connections to benefit a substantial number of racks.

Preventative maintenance

Preventive replacement of core network router
Working with our partner Juniper, we preventively replaced one of both core network routers in our core network. We exchanged this core router for a new one for security reasons, after noticing some instability. Within our Juniper service contract, we preferred to replace this main router immediately, in its entirety; from the point of view of quality, stability and continuity.

Shared colocation switches: one new and two replaced
Also (partly) as part of preventive network maintenance, we can report the following.

For our shared colocation service, we added a new switch, as well as replaced two existing switches.

The new access switch follows the expansion of our shared colocation capacity and the construction of a new rack in data center location AMS18. This was due to further increasing demand for rack space and arranging connectivity at DC1.AMSTERDAM.

Furthermore, a switch was replaced in the same data center, AMS18 / Business Park in Amsterdam, as well as in data center location OUM01 / Fokker Logistics Park in Oude Meer. Both of these switches have been replaced by a newer model, with better technical properties.


Network management upgrade: Prometheus and Grafana
In terms of tooling, first, we can report that for our operational network monitoring and alerting, we are now using a software combination of Prometheus (data acquisition) and Grafana (data visualization). We first set this up for one of both Juniper core network routers. Its good, stable operation has since been proven, and a similar implementation on our other main router has since taken place.

Configuration management upgrade: Oxidized
For configuration management of our routers and switches, we have recently started using additional tooling. We have expanded our existing use of the Oxidized software for configuration backups, and recovery capabilities of these, to include monitoring, notifications and analysis of configuration changes. Firstly, this feature of audit trailing makes complex, error-prone configuration operations more consistent and even more controlled. Secondly, it provides for rapid analysis in the event of any network incidents. In short, the new controlled audit trailing provides potentially large time savings, as well as (even) more control over continuity and availability within our network management.

Want to know more? Please contact us.


DC1.AMSTERDAM stands for reliable colocation and connectivity via a single point of contact. We offer rack space in modern data centers, and the rack is always in focus here.

We are a powerful, cooperative company with pooled expertise. Together with solid partners, such as our professional data centers, we strive for the highest level of reliability and continuity in our colocation services. And for the best possible financial and technical conditions for this.

DC1.AMSTERDAM: one partner, one solution for Colocation, Data Center Advice, Cloud Connect and Business Internet.

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