These are the data centers for colocation at DC1.AMSTERDAM

In which data centers can you, at DC1.AMSTERDAM, rent colocation (and also directly through us: connectivity)? And what are the characteristics of these DCs? Check out our overview page Data Centers at DC1.AMSTERDAM for that.

The rack space that forms the basis of our business colocation and (internet) connectivity services is located in the fully up-to-date data centers of our strategic partners Digital Realty and NorthC Datacenters. The locations where we offer rack units customized for SME and custom labels offer the highest quality on all data center fronts.

Our data centers: fully up to date
Together with us, you house your servers and related IT hardware safely and securely. The power supply and emergency facilities required for this, as well as cooling and climate control, are fully up to standard and future proof, in accordance with the highest (ISO, NEN, SOC) standards. Naturally, the secondary facilities in these up-to-date DC1.AMSTERDAM data centers are also fully in order. From reception to well-equipped meeting rooms and from convenient locations to practical parking.

Locations: Digital Realty and NorthC

At the time of writing, we have rack space in data centers Digital Realty Business Park (Amsterdam), Digital Realty Science Park (Amsterdam) and NorthC Fokker Logistics Park (Oude Meer).

Data center Business Park (AMS18) in Amsterdam, of the internationally operating Digital Realty, has a floor area of 4000m². It is designed for high-density equipment and is fully built according to Tier 3 standards. This data center is located not far from Schiphol Airport and is easily accessible by car, train and metro.

Data center Science Park (AMS17, Data Tower) in Amsterdam, also from Digital Realty, is a colocation hub that houses more than 120 businesses. This data center has 5000m² of colo space, 11 floors and excellent accessibility by both car and train. For example, from Amsterdam CS; ending at Amsterdam Science Park Station.

Data center Fokker Logistics Park (OUM01) in Oude Meer is one of four NorthC data centers, centrally located in Metropolitan Amsterdam. The surface area of the data floor is 6200m². Fokker Logistics Park uses 100% green power and is built according to Tier 3. This data center is one of Europe’s largest digital hubs, not far from Schiphol Airport.

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To see the features and characteristics of each of our data centers, please continue reading here and get to know those locations in more detail. If you navigate to the particular data center from that page, you will also immediately see an overview of detailed specifications related to cooling, power, fire safety, security, certification and facilities. You will also find the address and directions.

Colocation and centrally managed the network issue

DC1.AMSTERDAM offers more than just colocation in these data centers. In one fell swoop, you also take care of the associated connectivity with us, literally and figuratively designed according to specific business needs. In addition to renting rack space, with a flexible number of rack units, we offer a turnkey solution to the networking issue, including cloud connect, business internet and help with a redundant network setup.


DC1.AMSTERDAM stands for reliable colocation and connectivity via a single point of contact. We offer rack space in modern data centers, and the rack is always in focus here.

We are a powerful, cooperative company with pooled expertise. Together with solid partners, such as our professional data centers, we strive for the highest level of reliability and continuity in our colocation services. And for the best possible financial and technical conditions for this.

DC1.AMSTERDAM: one partner, one solution for Colocation, Data Center Advice, Cloud Connect and Business Internet.

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