New power rates of our data centers in Amsterdam

Driven by market conditions, we hereby inform you of the new power rates of our data centers in Amsterdam.

To be specific straight away: from 1 January 2023, a new price between € 0.31 and € 0.41 per kWh will apply. These adjusted power rates apply to both of our main data centers; Digital Realty Business Park & Digital Realty Science Park.

We will inform you of the exact price in mid-November, as soon as it is known. That final price will be fixed for at least one year starting on 1 January of next year.

Current rates until the end of the year

It goes without saying for DC1.AMSTERDAM that we will inform you about the new power rates in a timely and transparent manner. We will do so as soon as the relevant data centers have informed us. Unfortunately, given the unusual market conditions, a price increase for power cannot be avoided. However, we are pleased that we can still maintain the current, lower rates through the end of 2022. Especially since they compare favorably with most others in the market.

€ 0.16 per kWh
The current power rate through the end of 2022 for both colocations in Amsterdam is 16 cents. The current power rate of our newest colocation NorthC Oude Meer is 24 cents. We have not yet received information about the rates for the latter location. However, energy prices for NorthC Oude Meer are also expected to rise.

Stable power budgeting

As we know, the significant increases in energy prices worldwide are the result of a series of global events. Naturally, DC1.AMSTERDAM is also forced to pass on the changed current power rate (per kWh) (both in the case of an increase and a decrease). However, we want to provide you with timely insight on this. This will also allow you to do stable budgeting in advance in terms of electricity costs. As mentioned, in mid-November we will notify you immediately of the final electricity price per kWh, for data centers Business Park & Science Park.

If you have any further questions about the new power rates as of 1 January 2023, please feel free to contact us.


DC1.AMSTERDAM stands for reliable colocation and connectivity via a single point of contact. We offer rack space in modern data centers, and the rack is always in focus here.

We are a powerful, cooperative company with pooled expertise. Together with solid partners, such as our professional data centers, we strive for the highest level of reliability and continuity in our colocation services. And for the best possible financial and technical conditions for this.

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